Rites of Passage Camps for Teenage Boys

Rites of Passage Camps for Teenage Boys

Rite of passage camps for teenage boys

Teen Rites are aware of the following residential camps being run in Australia. Listings provided here are for information only and you should contact the organisers to determine if a particular camp is suitable for you.


Pathways to Manhood

The Pathways foundation run contemporary, community based Rite of Passage programs in the form of a 5 day bush camp for boys aged 13-15 years and their fathers or a male mentor. Mothers are involved on the leaving day and in the family celebration on the last day. Programs are held at two locations as follows:

  • Bodalla, approximately 55 km south of Batemans Bay
  • Wollombi, approximately 180 km North of Sydney
  • Mt. Byron, approximately 110 km NW of Brisbane
  • Lal Lal near Ballarat, approximately 115 km from Melbourne
  • Various locations within 2 hours drive of Perth


Father & Son Adventures

A 2, 4 and 5 night father and son adventures (ages 13 to 70) incorporating professionally-guided outdoor adventures mixed with opportunities for men to initiate boys into young manhood. Held in:

  •  Brindabella Ranges of NSW, North of Canberra.
  •  Euramo, 140 kms south of Cairns.
  •  South-east Melbourne


New South Wales

Making Men Program

A community Rite of Passage program run by Dr Arne Rubinstein for boys aged 13 – 15 and their fathers (or male mentor). The program comprises a 4 day, bush camp  near Byron Bay. Mothers are involved at the start and end and are invited to follow a mothers programme while the boys and men are on camp.


Boyhood to Manhood Camps

MEN2B run 6 day community based Rite of Passage programs for boys 13 to 15 yrs together with their father or male mentor. Camps are based near Mullumbimby.



Journey to Manhood

A Rite of Passage program for father and son to spend 5 days in the bush with other men and boys (13-15 yrs). The program includes a parents evening a week or 2 prior to the camp as well as a Sunday afternoon reunion 2 weeks after the camp.


Victoria and South Australia

KI Manhood and Initiation Weekends

KI Manhood and Initiation weekends are run from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening on Kangaroo Island (SA) or Castlemaine (VIC). The camp are an initiation to manhood for teenage boys and adult men from all backgrounds and experience. They are suitable for fathers with teenage sons, fathers and men without sons and sons without fathers.
The weekends are run not-for-profit and the facilitators volunteer their time.


South Australia

Tall Trees is a 4 day bush camp for teenage boys aged 14-16 and their father (or other adult male mentor). For details of camp dates and location see:



Community Rites of Passage (CROP)

The Tasmanian Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association offer tailored Rites of Passage programs of 2 to 4 days duration. Leaders work with mothers and fathers, or significant other care givers to develop a program that suits a particular community’s needs and budget. Programs are camp based with boys taken through a program to raise their awareness of their coming roles as men.