Classroom based Rites of Passage Programs

Classroom based Rites of Passage Programs

Teen Rites presents the following program and curriculum resources to facilitate incorporating Rites of Passage into a school, community group, sports club or church.

The Journey

Based on age-old wisdom culled from myth, folktale, ancient rites and ceremonies, The Journey is a compendium of creative exercises that invite young people into the dignity and adventure of becoming a man or woman. The experience is divided into five sequential phases. Each phase focuses on one of the necessary crises (crisis = danger + opportunity) of adolescence. Phase One, The Call to Adventure, deals with the challenges of separation; Phase Two, Finding Your Path, is concerned with becoming your unique self, or independence. Phase Three, In the Heart of the Labyrinth, is focused on the trials, temptations and obstacles one confronts as a teenager. Phase Four, The Wood Between the Worlds, helps distill the unique wisdom and common sense one has learned from life into a cohesive new sense of self. And Phase Five, The Ceremony of Passage, creates the occasion for families and communities to gather to acknowledge and celebrate the passage.

The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey provides unique educational programs designed to support the development of self-aware, vital, responsible, respectful & resilient adults. By raising young people’s consciousness about transitioning from child to adult & having conversations with them about what really matters we can assist in guiding their journey into adulthood. The year-long program uses a Rite of Passage framework to deepen the students’ experience of this important life transition.

The Heroic Journey

The purpose of The Heroic Journey is to provide a structured program which can be conducted in a school or youth group, to re-create some of the mystery of an ancient Rite of Passage ceremony in modern garb. The Heroic Journey Program can serve as a map to help young people handle the treacherous twists and turns in the road to adulthood.

The Heroic Journey curriculum follows seven locations on the journey map. Each Unit of the curriculum represents a stage of the mythical Hero’s Journey, and emphasizes one of the developmental areas that are most important in adolescence: