Being part of something bigger

Now this is probably showing both my age and country of origin, but I was listening to the Archers last week. Daniel Hebden Lloyd had come back home on weekend leave after his first 5 weeks on the commissioning course… Read More


Most adults in Australia today are unaware of the nature of Rites of Passage or their importance in society. Teen Rites aims to increase that awareness so that they once more take their place in mainstream society.


Because teenage Rites of Passage have become rare in the West today, men and women today typically lack the knowledge required to  initiate, undertake or take part in Rites of Passage for teenagers. One aim of Teen Rites… Read More


In a society increasingly isolated from one another, it is important to form connections between us to share our knowledge, to inspire each other and for us to feel part of something bigger. Social media today allows us… Read More

Growing good men and women

Teen Rites